62% of Ireland’s international higher education alumni work in the country

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Good news for anyone who decides to take an upper Ireland course and stay in the country. A survey carried out by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) points out that 62% of international graduates have been employed in different occupational fields in Ireland. In addition, 11% continue to study at […]

The technologist degree as a gateway to academic courses in Ireland

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The technologist degree as a gateway to academic courses in Ireland The Technologist is a course that raises many questions regarding the entrance in postgraduate courses abroad. In Brazil, the course is considered an undergraduate degree as well as teaching and bachelor’s degrees. Abroad, this course may be equivalent to […]

Types of Postgraduate Programmes in Ireland

Postugraduate in Ireland

TYPES OF POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES IN IRELAND Taking a postgraduate course in an English-speaking country is a desire of professionals from a wide range of fields. Such a programme can leverage your career and increase your chances of living permanently abroad. Ireland offers excellent postgraduate programmes in universities that are among […]

Third Level Graduate Programme

Third degree graduate scheme

Visas for graduates in Ireland: how does it work? International students are looking for a unique chance to live permanently in Europe. This opportunity exists and it is within your reach. Ireland encourages non-European students to come to the country by  granting of a special visa, the so-called Third Level […]