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When you look for education abroad, especially in Ireland, Logos Global Education offers you a wide range of services. We offer you personal consultancy, coaching and mentoring so that you can be enrolled at the best universities and language schools. 

Higher Education.

College Graduates

Looking for quality postgraduate and undergraduate courses and the best payment options? We have MBAs, MSCs, and Masters courses in all areas! Logos works directly with the best colleges and universities in Ireland. Contact us today, we are happy to offer a great educational consultancy. We offer you the largest range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Ireland. Find the best course in your field. You can find engineering, business, finance, arts and hundreds of other options. Our services also include consultancy on the application process and career advice.

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English Programmes

Learn english captions

English schools for you. Native teachers and students from all over Europe. Great mix of nationalities. Have more exposure to the English Language and work while you study so that you can become fluent in months. Improve your English in the best schools in Ireland and England. You can choose from a range of options. Quality is our motto. You can study during your work holidays. Find out more about our packages.

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Tailored Programmes

Specific courses designed for your company or universities. Logos assists you to create the desirable courses along with partner universities and schools in Ireland so that your employees, faculty and students will have the right skills to perform their tasks. Contact us today! We design the course according to your needs. The programme is also available for groups of friends who want to have a personalised experience.

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Portuguese language classes

Take a Higher Diploma in Computing

We offer tailored language courses for native English-speakers to learn Portuguese. Whether your plans involve study, work or travel you can learn Portuguese with a native Portuguese-speaker. Language classes are designed to support you whether you are a complete beginner or advanced communicator, and are delivered in person or online, it is your choice. You can also choose to learn with friends as we offer group discounts. Contact us to find out more!

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Services Package

  1. We provide full support in English, Portuguese and Spanish

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  2. We assist students interested in Higher Education, assessing her/his previous qualifications and advising the best courses and programmes to be taken
  3. Advise students on Irish/ UK visa processes for all nationalities
  4. Develop partnerships with schools and universities to create customised programmes for companies through the English language
  5. Assist and advise students on English Language Programmes
  6. Coaching and mentoring. We work and empower you to succeed in your choice.
  7. Personal support. Your case is evaluated and the best recommendation given to you regarding academic courses
  8. Verification of documents and reduced prices for translation
  9. Facilitating the admission process in universities. You will have only one consultant working on your case.
  10. Argumentation of your entries to the universities based on the educational equivalency documents of Ireland and the United Kingdom, if necessary


All services above for an investment of € 25 to non-European students and € 100 to students holding a European passport, Irish visa stamps 1, 3 or 4

Enrollment fees may occur at some colleges and universities that will be paid by the student. These universities are Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, University of Limerick and University College Cork.