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Three steps to become a nurse in the UK today

Three steps to become a nurse in the UK today


If you are a nurse, this is your chance to practice your profession outside of your home country. The UK has a clear path for you! Today, there is a significant demand for health professionals and with the Covid-19 pandemic this scarcity is even more evident.

To give you an idea, the UK offers a £ 5000 bonus for students graduating from high school to choose nursing as a profession. It’s an excellent incentive, isn’t it? This shows how much the country needs this labour.

In the United Kingdom, it is necessary to have a college degree to practice nursing.

Here, I give you step by step to take advantage of this opportunity and live forever in the UK.

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1- So, where do I start my journey to work in a hospital?


Communication is one of the most important factors when practicing nursing. And for that, knowing how to speak the local language is essential.

Let us start, then, at the linguistic level. The UK Nursing Council o (NMV) requires a C1 level of English within the European qualification’s framework. This corresponds to IELTS 7.0 or a specific English exam for health professionals called Occupational English Test for Health Professionals – OET as a grade B.

OET offers more advantage, as you will be assessed linguistically in an environment in which you are very familiar. Remember: many words used in the health field have Latin roots, that is, it will be more similar to many languages. 

There are schools in the UK that prepare you to achieve the level of English required within the healthcare field. This is an advantage, as these institutions also assist you to be placed in the job market.

If you already have an intermediate knowledge of the language everything is easier. You will be able to take an English course very focused on the needs of your profession, which can make the learning process much faster.

Preparatory English courses for nurses can last anywhere from one to 45 weeks, putting you in control. How long do you think it will take? Do a quick test here. It’s free


2- Do I only need to speak English to start working?


Now the details. English is the communication tool and after having completed this phase, let’s move on to technical knowledge. For this, you take an exam called OSCE which is divided into two parts:

1. First, you take an online theory exam without much complexity. You will be required in basic nursing knowledge. Upon passing the exam, you will be able to start working in accredited hospitals in the country, as a kind of internship. Best of all, you’re already paid for it. This period will help you prepare for the second part of the exam.

2. During your training you can then take your practical test, in which you will demonstrate clinical skills and deal with patients. But don’t worry, you will have enough practice during the period when you do the “internship”. You will be properly prepared for the final exam. We work with institutions where the approval rate is over 90%, I am sure you will do well.


3- What about after going through all this?


Now it’s the cherry on the cake. After your approval, you will have an employment contract to permanently reside in the country, all approved by the government and the nursing council. This is your opportunity to enter the UK legally by exercising your profession.

In short, on your way to the Kingdom residence it works as follows


  1. Have good written and oral communication in English – This is demonstrated through IELTS or OET


You can take English courses with duration depending on your current level of the language. The more you know, the less time you will have to travel.

  1. Take the OSCE specific skill exam which is divided into two parts


Computer Based Test – Upon passing you start to work as a nurse. Here is your first probationary contract.

Practical examination – Upon passing, you get your permanent residence in the United Kingdom. Guaranteed contract, now just pack your bags!


So? Did I help you make a decision? I know that many questions will arise about the process. This text is just a summary of the whole process. My name is Paulo Santiago, international educational consultant. Feel free and schedule a consultation with me so you can learn more according to your profile, your dream is right there …


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  1. Olá Paulo Santiago, bom dia.!!!
    Tenho interesse em conhecer mais detalhes sobre o processo de entrada no Reino Unido para fins de trabalhar como enfermeira.
    Explico: tenho uma escola de inglês numa cidade que tem curso técnico e superior de enfermagem, vários.
    Vejo oportunidade para os estudantes exercerem sua profissão com salarios atraentes e tambem aprender ingles na minha escola.
    Penso numa possível parceria, você expert na área e eu trabalhando o mercado consumidor. O que você acha?

    1. Olá Emanuelle, precisará ter a graduação em enfermagem no Brasil. Experiência no entanto ajuda muito o processo. Te enviei um email com mais detalhes sobre como podemos te ajudar na sua jornada. Poderia verificar se já o recebeu?

  2. E pra quem vai como eu por exemplo? Vou para estudar inglês e possuo técnico em Raio X. Procurei saber sobre a faculdade para essa função e não entendi muito bem. Sei também que na Irlanda se você não quiser fazer enfermagem pode fazer áreas específicas dentro da enfermagem como por exemplo enfermeira obstétrica. Curto período se não me engano. Mas gostaria de mais informações. Ainda estou meio perdida.

    1. Olá Marla, tudo bem? desculpas pela demora, mas acabei de ver o seu comentário agora. Você vai para a irlanda estudar inglês quando? tem uma graduação em enfermagem? Acabei de te enviar um email com mais informações sobre como podemos te ajudar a exercer a enfermagem no exterior

  3. Alejandro Enrique Dupont

    Obrigado pela atenção e queria saber se Técnico de radiologia formado no Brasil pode se postular a trabalhar na Irlanda ou Inglaterra?

  4. Olá Paulo, muito bom seu artigo.
    Estou fazendo curso de enfermagem numa universidade brasileira e no próximo ano vai sair minha cidadania italiana.
    Seria interessante buscar um emprego aqui apos minha formação para eu ja ter alguma experiencia ou recebem formado apenas com alguns estágios ja seria suficiente para conseguir um trabalho na inglaterra e irlanda. Outra duvida é sobre a questão da validação do curso de enfermagem que estou fazendo aqui no brasil.

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