Develop Portuguese language skills required for the professional workplace

Corporate classes

Develop Portuguese language skills required for the professional workplace.

We can share our corporate proficiency with your company so that you can thrive.


Within an increasingly interconnected and international society, many businesses are establishing relationships with a range of companies based in different countries. From small start-ups to large multinational companies, the benefits of liaising, outsourcing and cooperating with international organisations are vast. To ensure high-quality international collaboration, communication is key. Our qualified Portuguese language instructor has experience working with several international corporations and will deliver tailored lessons to specifically enhance your business communication. The vocabulary and phrases that are required within the workplace are not typically taught in general portguese language lessons, so participating in tailored, professional language classes will ensure you grow in confidence when connecting with your portguese-speaking colleagues.

Compete by speaking Portuguese at a high level


We offer you tailored programmes for your company needs.



Can I sign up to Corporate Portuguese classes with colleagues?

Yes, by all means. We can create a Portuguese course content based on your corporate needs.

Is there a max and min number in Portuguese corporate classes?

From one person to 10 people. If there are more staff in an organization interested in taking Portuguese lessons we can make other arrangements.

Will the Portuguese lessons be tailored to my specific organisation?

Yes, we can tailor the Portuguese course to different business settings such as finance, law, aviation and more.

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