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About me

Logos Global Education is an international educational consulting and mentoring company to ease the way to European and North American colleges and universities for those seeking professional employment in Europe, Canada and the USA.

Logos Global Education

Our mission is to enable professionals from emerging countries in the Americas to compete and enter the labor market of developed European and North American countries through quality education.

Our values

We strive for ethics, empathy and transparency both for the student and with our partners, suppliers and employees. Logos Global Education believes in your potential and you will do our best to stand out even more.

More than 10 years of experience

The company has been in the market for four years and its founder, Paulo Santiago has been working with international higher education for over 10 years.

Paulo also holds a Masters in International Business from the University of Wales with international professional experience in multinationals.

Paulo Santiago

Founder of Logos Global Education

Educational Consulting

We offer advice so you can take courses and academic programs in Europe, USA or Canada.

We are connected with the best universities in the world

A degree in Europe opens imaginable doors for you. Come understand your possibilities.