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German Private University of Applied Sciences

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences (PFH)

Each month we will look at one of the universities we are partnered with, for December we are looking at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences (PFH).  This is one of our universities located within Germany and has a real focus on science and business courses. There are so many positives to studying at PFH and as an international student it offers many positives that could improve your study abroad experience.  

  • Campus

PFH is a multi-campus university and has three separate campuses spread throughout Germany, they are based in Gottingen, Berlin and Stade. For international students studying at PFH they often go to the Gottingen campus. Gottingen was where the university was founded in 1995 and has always had a particular focus in business management and administration. 

PFH pride themselves in being a university that provides courses that meet the needs of an ever-changing economy. This campus introduced medical and orthopaedic technology courses in 2011 and is always looking to develop and expanded their study options for students.   

  • International Students 

There are many positives for international students who come and study in Gottingen as the university is in a great location. The university is within the immediate vicinity of the city centre, train station and university library is of easy access for all. Being a university town Gottingen has a large student population, 30,000, so it has a vibrant social student atmosphere.

The university also has strong links with sports and offers around 100 sports societies that students can take part in. Gottingen is not only a great location for social reasons but for academic reasons. It is a modern campus that is close to internationally renowned institutions and research organisations. This provides a great environment to study in and gain the best up to date knowledge of your chosen course.    

  • Paid Internship

The courses are taught in English and the university even helps you get you into the job market. In Germany, you get paid while doing an internship which helps you with your daily expenses. In addition, PFH gets you a job after completing the course. If not, you will receive part of the amount paid back. * A great guarantee for you. During the course you will have free German classes to make you more employable.

* subject to compliance with requirements.

  • Support by Local students 

PFH really focus on making sure international students have the best time at their university. They partner international students with a local student to help and find their way around. This helps you settle in and get accustomed to the culture and new area of living. The local feel to the town has transferred into the university where there is a focus on having smaller working groups and a close contact to lectures. This is all with the hope that you have the very best time when studying at PFH in Gottingen. 

PFH offer a range in courses and is the ideal place to live for international students. Contact us for more information for studying at PFH in Gottingen. We can help with your application along with advice on all the documents you may need. Talk to Logos Global Education for all your study abroad needs!                

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