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Why come to Ireland? - Logos Global Education

Why come to Ireland?

To start talking about the virtues of Ireland, I need to go back to 2010, because a friend invited me to do an exchange in Ireland and learn English. At that time I only knew the verb to be and to speak the truth, I detested the English language. I had no idea where Ireland was or what language the Irish were talking about. I remember my question to my friend “do they speak English there?” (Laughs).

Arrival in Ireland

Five years ago, I took courage and left everything in Brazil. I came to meet this Emerald Island without knowing what would happen. I could see up close why many people talk so well about this country, about culture and the people. Like any other nation, there is the positive and the negative side, but in my point of view, you fit both sides.

A virtue of the Irish

One of the initial virtues I noticed here was the welcome and attention. Disembarking in the city, lost, without knowing in which direction our Hostel was, we arrived at the central avenue of Dublin (Capital of Ireland), O’Connell Street. We opened the map we took at the airport and a passing gentleman asked, “Are you lost? Do you need help? “That, from my point of view, was out of this world, for he did not know us and he offered to help us without any fear. Unfortunately, in a big city like São Paulo, where I am from, people do not have time to stop and realize others around them.

Another virtue is the joy and authenticity of the Irishman. They are always smiling and start talking to you without even knowing you. Talk usually starts about the weather (laughs), sounds funny but true. Regardless of the real situation in which they live, people seek happiness, enjoying life in the best possible way, be it with friends, in pubs or on trips with the family.

many Irish people prefer to continue their origins, thus being authentic in their culture, keeping the names of their children in the Gaelic form (an old language still spoken by a small percentage of the population). I must confess that some names are very complicated, both spelling and pronunciation.

Culture of Ireland

Irish culture is also something that captivates my eyes. Most museums are free. I love museums. I think it’s one of the best ways to get to know the culture and history of a country.

The Irish are also humanitarian and supportive people. They do some volunteer work, whether in poor communities, with children, the elderly or at events that take place during the year in the country. Some companies provide more vacation days to employees who participate in volunteer services. This is a clever way to encourage humanitarianism in the community.

Travel around the Emerald Isle

Another plus point is the ease of travelling between one county and another. Here you can do this by train, bus or even rent a car. In an hour, you are already in another county, such as Wicklow, or in three hours, you will be in Cork, with Dublin the starting point. The best of these trips are the landscapes. Ireland is rich in natural landscapes, medieval castles, parks and ruins. You will have the opportunity to see very green, think why the Island is called Emerald. They preserve nature very much here.

In a general way, I recommend the visit to the country be it through an exchange or even on vacation. You will have the opportunity to experience a culture very different from ours, and of course, to know a country that is a box of surprises.

The text was written by Cleo Gannon @GannonCleo

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