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Contact us today to find out about opportunities to take a postgraduate and undergraduate programmes or English language courses abroad

We assist students to go further. Logos Global Education informs you on the best academic programmes in Europe, Canada and USA detailed higher educational consultancy, tailored to your needs so that your academic profile is matched for you to thrive in your career abroad. As specialists in education in many countries, we offer you relevant counselling and guidance to candidates willing to take professional opportunities through their educational pathway. 

40-minute consultation: Ideal for those who are starting to search for universities abroad and know very little about the process. During this consultation, your profile and of your family (spouse and children) will be considered by our specialists.

At the end of the consultation and after verifying your circumstance, one or more strategies will be suggested to you to make your project abroad successful.

20-minute consultation: Ideal for those who have already started searching for courses abroad and still have some specific questions. During this consultation, you may ask the consultant about any specific course and country point (does not include technical questions) which will be clarified.

We suggest payment by credit card through Paypal (immediate booking). Our scheduling system already directs you to this type of payment automatically, speeding up your service.

For other payment and scheduling methods, please email explaining your case

The value of our service package is €70 to enrol at partner universities. The initial 40-minute consultation costs €25 and €18 for 20-minutes. The cost of the initial consultation will be deducted from the final value of the service package if you decide to continue our services.

  • Initial Consultation 40 minutes – €25
  • Initial Consultation 20 minutes – €18
  • Partner University Service Package – enrolment in up to two universities €70 (initial consultation fee will be deducted)
  • Partner University Service Package – enrolment in up to five universities €100 (initial consultation fee will be deducted)
  • Partner University Service Package – enrolment in more than five universities €130 (initial consultation fee will be deducted)
  • Service package with any university €250 (initial consultation fee will be deducted)

  • Implementation of the best strategy according to your profile. We will work with you step by step to make your process successful
  • Coaching and mentoring. We work and empower you to succeed in your choice
  • Personal support. Your case is evaluated and the best recommendation given to you regarding academic courses
  • Document verification. Correction of motivational letters, references. Assistance in the preparation of CV
  • Reduced translation prices
  • Facilitation of the university admission process. We can apply to one or more universities
  • Argumentation of your university applications based on educational equivalence documents from Ireland and the UK, if necessary
  • 45 minutes preparatory consultation for IELTS exam

Now you can pay for our consulting services through PayPal