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Frequently Asked Questions

The initial consultancy is a meeting held by Zoom in which we can better understand and analyze your profile, suggesting a specialized academic strategy for you. The initial consultation lasts from 40 to 60 minutes and you will have details about hundreds of possibilities, an opportunity to clarify general or specific doubts regarding eligibility for study or work processes, in addition to an analysis of the chances of success and clarifications steps involved, time and costs of the process.

We will present options so you can make an informed decision. For example, with experience in the legal area in Brazil, I could work as a consultant in a specific area abroad, did you know that? It all depends on the type of graduate or degree you choose.

After the initial consultancy, you will be able to count on a series of services so that your strategy can be put into practice.

Regular mentoring sessions, checking and correcting documents, especially personal and reference letters, helping to prepare the CV.

We will also do the entire application and argumentation process for your case based on European and American educational documents.

You can also prepare for an English proficiency exam (example: IELTS, TOEFL) through a specific platform for this purpose or with the help of a teacher who specializes in this type of test.

You will have all the support to reach your goal. Our services are fully supported for up to 24 months.
The cost of all support will depend on the services you purchase and the number of universities you wish to apply to.

It all depends on your profile and what you want to do. In our experience, a complete mentoring takes 6 to 12 months, so you can calmly complete all the steps of the process.

You can apply to whichever courses and universities you like. However, we have partner universities (which have an agreement with Logos Global Education) with around 500 institutions, and non-partner universities. The cost of mentoring will depend on the type of university you are applying for and the number of courses.

We have a partnership with Global Exam, GlobalExam, the market leader in proficiency exam preparation. The platform is based on artificial intelligence so that you can start practicing from your linguistic level. The tool measures your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills, the four pillars of a proficiency exam.

You can get a free subscription to some of the functions on the website above to understand a little more how this extraordinary tool will increase your chances on your proficiency exam, whether it’s the IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge. The platform also prepares you for the most common French, German and Spanish language exams.

The platform is included for free in many of our packages. You can also purchase it as our customer with a 30% discount.

We have specialized teachers to accompany you to your proficiency exam. A qualified professional is extremely important even for those who have advanced English. You will learn how to approach IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge in a simple and didactic way. You can purchase packages with 10, 20 or 30 lessons. It will all depend on your need.

You are ready to take a proficiency exam.

There are several graduate and undergraduate programs where you can take a job during your course. This is very important as it can greatly increase your employability in the country where you want to settle. This option can be explained to you in more detail in our initial consultation.

Our service is all online. First, you will be in contact with one of our consultants who will better understand your profile and the needs of your case. After this first assessment, you can schedule an initial consultation for a deeper analysis of your goals. All quick and objective.

We help you find an academic program in a personalized way focusing on your profile.

If you prefer, you can schedule a consultation directly on our website. Fill out our profile questionnaire so we can understand you better and schedule a date!

The service is for those who are confused by the different information about academic courses abroad and need precise guidance. It is for you who want specialized support in your application process at universities in Europe, USA and Canada and who are looking for a way to establish yourself in a legally developed country through the prerogatives that an academic course will present you.

You who are a professional in Brazil, with a thirst for information, willingness to learn, grow, and willing to improve your life. We are here to help you, as we are going to help you boost your career abroad.

Finishing high school and have a lot of international friends? Do you want to study and live outside Brazil? Do you and your family prioritize studies? Do you want to solve global problems and meet people from different countries? A degree outside Brazil opens imaginable doors for you. We want to introduce you to its possibilities.

If your focus is to work in large international companies. A quality education will open many doors due to the various visa programs upon completion of your undergraduate or graduate degree abroad.

We have partner companies that help us with these services. However, translation value is not included in our mentoring packages.

Educational Consulting

We offer advice so you can take courses and academic programs in Europe, USA or Canada.

We are connected with the best universities in the world

A degree outside Brazil opens imaginable doors for you. Come understand your possibilities