Undergraduate courses in a range of different subjects to further your education

Undergraduate studies

Undergraduate courses in a range of different subjects to further your education

Have access to the best universities in Europe and the USA.

Many people wish to pursue higher education beyond secondary school level. Whether you have recently left high school or have had a long break from education, pursuing a course that goes beyond secondary school level will help you develop new skills, grow in confidence, and improve your career prospects. Studying an undergraduate course abroad is a great way to develop your social and communication skills, learn about new cultures and experience life in a new way.

Go beyond

A degree abroad increases your emotional intelligence and inserts you into a global

Undergraduate courses in arts, humanities, STEM courses and much more.

This is excellent for your own personal development, and is very attractive to prospective employers. We can help find the right course for you – one which meets your academic interests, in a city or country that will inspire and motivate you to gain new experiences. We provide tailored advice, support and guidance to identify the right course for you, and then help you through the application process, from completing the application forms to writing personal statements.

Do you have an incomplete degree?

Complete your degree abroad using the subjects you have already completed in your country 

We can assist you to obtain advanced entry and complete your course faster.

Should you have an incomplete undergraduate degree in your country, we can assist you to obtain advanced entry and complete your course faster. Whether you would like to complete a full degree, or a technical or vocational course, we have access to the best higher education providers in Europe and in America.


What level of educational experience would I need to apply for an undergraduate course?

You don’t need professional experience to join an undergraduate course. Your secondary school qualification will usually suffice. In some cases one year of foundation learning may be required before joining the first year of an undergraduate programme.

Are all undergraduate courses taught through English?

Yes. All of the courses within our portfolio are offered using the English language as a medium of instruction, regardless of the official language of the country you study. You can also choose to study through a different language if you wish.

Can I work while I complete an undergraduate course?

Yes, most countries allow students to work up to 20 hours a week and 40 hours during school holidays while you are completing your course. It is a great opportunity to pay for your living expenses during your time in the country. You may obtain a post study visa, which enables you to seek permanent employment in the country you're in. The length and condition of this permission will depend on the country.

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