Five reasons to study in the UK

Five reasons to study in the UK

Five reasons for you to study in the UK?

You may be thinking about studying abroad, fantastic! Studying abroad is such a great opportunity to explore a new part of the world while also learning something new. The United Kingdom (UK) is a common choice for people to study and for good reason. There are over 150 universities in the UK that have a variety of courses to choose and study from. Here are 5 reasons as to why studying in the UK is good for your career:

1. You Pay Less

In the UK, an undergraduate degree is normally only three years and master/postgraduate courses are one year of study. These are often shorter than other American or other European courses. The fees for international students per year will differ depending on the university you study with, but with a year less of study you save a large amount of money. You get a high-quality education for a cheaper price then if you went somewhere else.

2. Work While You Study

With specific visas (not all visas) you receive when you study in the UK you can work while you study. This again reduces the cost as you are able to earn some money while you work. This will help you budget when you are planning for your degree abroad.

3. A Multicultural Country

The UK is such a diverse place to live, where other cultures and faiths are celebrated. Be immersed in a country that is full of difference, as well as within the universities. There are often events on at universities that celebrated and recognise these different cultures. The office of national statistic believes that our current population is the most varied that it has ever been.

4. High-quality education

The UK is known for excellent higher education with many universities ranking high within the World. By studying in the UK, you can learn from institutions and people that are world-renowned. The education you receive will prepare you for the global market place and the career you intend to pursue.

5. A large number of International Students

If these points haven’t persuaded you, maybe the 460,000 other international students who studied in 2017/18 will (HESA Student record 2017–18). There are a large number of international students who study in the UK so you are part of a well working system. By coming to study in the UK you join thousands of students who come, study and enjoy living in the UK.

We have access to over 100 universities in the UK that have a variety of courses on offer for international students. There are so many reasons why studying in the UK would work for you and Logos Global Education want to help. Contact us today to ask any questions you may have and see what we can do. What more would you want out of studying abroad!

My name is Paulo Santiago and I would like to assist you to join the best universities in the world. Download here a FREE E-book about how to study and work in the UK. You can find detailed information so that you can fulfil your goals.

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