Higher Education in Ireland

Higher Education in Ireland

Where to study

Students from every corner of the world always come up with the same question: is the course I am taking worthwhile? Am I going to get a good job once I graduate? The thoughts I have just expressed occur over and over again as everyone is looking for a place in a such competitive world. The English language is the by far the most widely spoken language across the globe and students from all over the world are seeking universities and colleges in English speaking countries, such as USA, UK and Australia. These nations are without a doubt very developed in terms of education and career progression, but what if I give you a plausible alternative? Would you consider it? Well, it’s a pleasure to introduce to you a land where innovation meets education, welcome to Ireland!

The reason for you

There are many reasons for you to come to the ‘Emerald Isle’ – and singing along to a U2 concert at Croke Park is not the only one! Nine out of the ten largest IT companies in the world are in Ireland and these companies are actively seeking qualified employees to meet the demand in the market. Brands like Google, LinkedIn and eBay have their European headquarters in the country. Irish education institutions work in conjunction with such tech companies, preparing students to work in a dynamic, innovative environment. Ireland is also the primary base for many pharmaceutical industries. Companies in this sector partner with universities and institutes of technology, promoting a world-class level of research and development (R&D).

Non-EU international students can also work up to 20 hours during the period of their programme. This is exceptionally attractive as all living cost expenses can be paid for while you study. The government also promotes a ‘stay back’ option for up to two years after your course completion. This option is called Third Level Graduate Programme and is available for those who conclude an undergraduate or postgraduate programme. Non-EU international students are entitled to work as any other European citizen during this time and they can apply for a permanent work permit* should an employer submit an application on their behalf. There is a clear possibility to live permanently Ireland if desired.My name is Paulo Santiago, Education Consultant at Logos Global Education. I have been working with Higher Education in Ireland for over five years and I am well positioned to advise you on the best choice of programme to achieve your career goals. Our company has partnerships with many of the main colleges and universities throughout Ireland and we would be happy to assist with any query. Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter @LogosEducation to find out more!

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