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Logos Global Education is an educational consultancy enterprise which focuses on facilitating the path into colleges and universities for those who wish to obtain professional employment in Europe, Canada and USA. We offer quality programmes which will equip you with the skills that employers are seeking. Education is the best investment in your future, as it opens unimaginable doors and opportunities in your life.

Logos Global Education - Our History, Our Values and Our Services


Logos is the translation of the Greek word for “word”. We believe that words are powerful; they can motivate students to see beyond their perceived limitations and to conceive that it is possible to have a quality education. Words change the perspective of how an individual sees life.

We wish to empower students to make a positive impact on their environment. We coach and advise students on the best options available and professional career progression. We focus on your needs!

Logos Global Education advises you on college entry requirements, visa constraints and potential internship programmes. Logos Global Education has emerged to answer these questions for you. All your education questions are answered in one place. Undecided on which course to take? Do you want to get professional advice? Contact us today!  We have much experience placing students from across the globe into international programmes. We are here to help you!

We are a UK based enterprise who have ties with Brazil, Latin America and Asia. We offer great expertise in international education. Our partner schools and colleges are among the best educational institutions in the world! We prepare the right path to your career. We value quality. Let Logos help you to thrive!

Our Core Values

1-Honor God in everything we do

2- Empower students to have a positive impact on their environment

3- Offer an academic programme that will make a difference in students’ lives and those around them

Services we offer

  1. We provide full support in English, Portuguese and Spanish
  2. We assist students interested in Higher Education, assessing her/his previous qualifications and advising the best courses and programmes to be taken
  3. Advise students on Irish/ UK visa processes for all nationalities
  4. Develop partnerships with schools and universities to create customised programmes for companies through the English language
  5. Assist and advise students on English Language Programmes
  6. Coaching and mentoring. We work and empower you to succeed in your choice.
  7. Personal support. Your case is evaluated and the best recommendation given to you regarding academic courses
  8. Verification of documents and reduced prices for translation
  9. Facilitating the admission process in universities. You will have only one consultant working on your case.
  10. Argumentation of your entries to the universities based on the educational equivalency documents of Ireland and the United Kingdom, if necessary