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The advantages for you to study in Sweden

So, do you want to find an accessible country outside the English-speaking nations? No problem, I introduce you to Sweden. Here, I present advantages to this wonderful Scandinavian country. In this text I give you valuable tips to get you there.

So, what do you have to tell me about Sweden?

Sweden is a country not chosen often by Latin American students, but in my opinion, it offers one of the best conditions for taking an academic course in the world.

The country also has a very large cultural diversity, which facilitates the integration into the country.

Another very positive point is that the English language is spoken by the vast majority of the population. That’s right, you will have no problems communicating. Scandinavian countries are notorious for having an education with English as one of the languages of instruction in the country. Universities also follow the same pattern. Courses are taught in English (at a very high level), but learning the local language inserts you much more into the country’s culture.


How do I get into Swedish Universities, is it difficult?

It is a piece of cake. Well, but a very fancy cake. Unlike other countries, there is a central registration body overseen by the government. You register completely through an online portal choosing the institution and the course you want to study there. This makes it much easier to organize everything in one place.

Documents are submitted through the portal, such as your academic record, reference letters and official English exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. It is important to have everything ready before starting your application process. We help you to have everything in order so that you can join without much effort. 

The reference and motivation letters are super important documents. You need to emphasize in these documents why you want to study in the country (you can even mention that you want to do research on Abba, it seems relevant, isn’t it?). These letters demonstrate how your diversity will add to the country’s universities.

You don’t want to apply for a course in the last minute, do you? 

To study in Sweden, it is important to pay attention to the application deadlines. If you want to start your studies in September, you will need to submit your application by mid-January for your documents to be considered. Look on the bright side: it gives you plenty of time to focus on your visa and prepare for your trip. Remember: in Sweden, the school year starts in September, but there are some courses that start in January too, whose enrolment ends in the middle of August.

To have a larger network of courses and programmes, I suggest starting your application to the September intake, as you will find the course you are looking for much easier.

What about work, how can I afford living there?

Another great advantage of studying at Swedish universities is that there are no restrictions on hours to be worked in the country. You can work as many hours as necessary as long as your job does not interfere with your academic performance.

We. Latin Americans know very well how to balance study and work without major difficulties. In addition, the country’s per capita income is very high. You can live well without any exorbitant wages.

I don’t want to leave my partner behind? Can I take my spouse in the suitcase?

If you are married or have children, you can bring your family while taking your academic course in the country. This helps you a lot to integrate your family in a new culture. Your spouse will also be able to work without further restrictions or your children can attend a local public school. Have you thought about that possibility?

In addition, civil and de facto partners can benefit from this grant as well, as long as they can prove that they live together. Your suitcase will be very full now.

It is important to note that in order to take a family member, you will need to have a monthly fund to cover your stay in the country.

How much is to study in Sweden? 

Tuition fees are very affordable. A postgraduate course costs on average around €12000, cheaper than the tuition in countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, very attractive indeed. 

Undergraduate tuition fees also start from € 8000; it is a very attractive price for you to go further in your career  

 There is also a clear path to immigration in the country. After finishing your course, you can stay another 18 months on a work visa to place yourself in the local professional market.

I have decided. I will study in Sweden. What now? 

The visa process is also made much easier. Sweden is one of the few countries that offer a complete service online. The applicant just needs to upload all the documentation required by the government in pdf format and that’s it! You will have everything in an easy and safe way.

So, did you like the tips above? This was a very quick text in which I was able to explain more about Sweden. Every week I wrote more information for you who want more information here on our blog

My name is Paulo Santiago and I want to help you to conquer this journey. We have a consultancy service and a wide network of contacts in Sweden so that you can find the best path for your career abroad without further bureaucracy. So, let’s go there?

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