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The Fantastic Journey for you to take a Postgraduate or undergraduate degree abroad

Taking an academic course abroad is less complicated than you might think. There is a multitude of courses in different countries with exceptional advantages for you. Like so many choices in the market, the great difficulty is finding something tailored for you. There are undergraduate and graduate courses for different purposes, but how to make a decision that will be useful for me in the future.

What to choose? Undergraduate or postgraduate?

Here, I explain better what can best fit your profile, the advantages and disadvantages of your academic program abroad. In a nutshell, I want you to think about your next steps…

What profession do I want to pursue abroad?

The first thing to think about is the profession you want to practice abroad. What is the role that pleases you the most? Ponder for a few seconds before continuing this reading … 

Want more inspiration? This article can help you to think differently…

So? What did you think about?

By answering these questions you can think of an easier path for you to reach your goals. Your journey will become clearer.

This path can begin through a professional graduate course or the “taught courses” that are programs that train you in a certain area. There are countless ways to enter courses in the areas of Business, Information Technology, Social Sciences, among others.

Unlike what happens in many countries, you can enrol at courses in areas that have nothing to do with your initial training more easily. Everything will depend on a combination of factors such as your professional experience, development course, level of English proficiency and other approaches.

If you are already a professional in a specific area such as accounting, law or engineering, a postgraduate programme expands your previous knowledge and adds values to the job market you want to enter abroad. In addition, you immerse yourself in the cultural nuances of that market, adapting much more easily. Having this knowledge makes you much more employable.

I started college in my home country but stopped halfway

Your incomplete graduation has a lot of validity. Even if you started and stopped your course years ago, the subjects you took can lead you to the end of an academic course abroad. Ironically, it is easier to finish a degree outside Brazil than to transfer from one university to another, within the same course, at a university in Brazil.

(I am a living witness of such bureaucracy, I had to study another year in my undergraduate course when I went to live in São Paulo, the subjects and approaches were completely different)

 Another tip that counts is your professional experience. With your incomplete undergrad combined with relevant experience, you can even enter a postgraduate course. Many universities outside Brazil see professional experience more relevant than academic training, especially universities in applied sciences *

Here you can find a combination of factors will be taken into account. As I usually say, each case is unique. You have innate abilities that you have not yet discovered and are ready to flourish.

Gosh, I never did anything academic. I have a high school.

Do not be afraid. There is a lot for you too. If you are new to high school, you can easily enter different universities in Europe and the USA. There are ways to facilitate entry into major universities in the same period of time, such as Community Colleges in the United States where you can do the first two years of any degree (excluding medicine, veterinary, law and some other regulated professions), saving time and money without dropping quality.

The importance of ENEM

In Europe, ENEM is used to give you access to universities. And you can still make transfers within the continent due to the transfer credit system (ECTS). There’s a lot of cool stuff for you.

Professional experience

There is still the possibility of entering a post abroad without having a degree. This option may be plausible depending on the professional experience that an individual may have at the university. We have already had cases in this profile, although it is a more sinuous path, there are real possibilities.

What decision will I make? What academic level to do?

There are many ways to enter a post abroad. Each profile and case are unique and there are possibilities that you have not yet imagined. I always suggest postgraduate courses because, in my experience, it opens many more doors in the international job market. A degree also helps you to see the market abroad, I suggest this option to younger clients who begin their academic life.

My name is Paulo Santiago and I’m here to help you discover yourself in the job market abroad through a quality academic program. We have already worked with hundreds of students at various universities in Europe and we want to help you embark on this fantastic journey. Schedule a consultation with me so that you know more about its possibilities.

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