Technologist degree as a gateway to academic courses in Ireland

The technologist degree as a gateway to academic courses in Ireland

The Technologist is a course that raises many questions regarding the entrance in postgraduate courses abroad. In Brazil, the course is considered an undergraduate degree as well as teaching and bachelor’s degrees. Abroad, this course may be equivalent to a level below the most traditional degrees due to its reduced workload.

In Ireland, for example, a technologist is considered to be a level 6 course (The Irish education is divided into levels ranging from 1 to 10), it is a sort of “half-degree”. In order for a student to have access to postgraduate courses in the country, he/she must have completed an upper level equivalent to an Irish level of 8 (bachelors and teaching degree are equivalent to that level).

However, there are mechanisms that we use for your technologist to be used as an entry criteria for postgrad courses in Ireland. It is a process longer than usual, but the possibility exists. We have experience of students who have entered the desired course with this qualification.


  1. Working Hours

First, we need to consider the duration of your programme in Brazil. As you know, the technologist degree can be completed in 2, 2 ½ or 3 years. There are also courses that last 3 ½. The workload is an important factor as there are graduations in Ireland lasting for three years, especially in private institutions.

Thus, we can argue entry into a postgraduate programme based on the final hourly load, since undergraduate courses in Ireland generally have a shorter workload than undergraduate programs in Brazil.

  1. Professional qualification

Professional experience in many cases is worth more than academic qualification itself. Unlike Brazil, there are clear paths to access postgraduate courses based on these propositions.

Many institutions offer admission routes based on “prior learning”, that is, the acquired learning is valid as true “academic subjects”. It is also important to emphasize here that most of the institutions design their courses in conjunction with local companies in order to supply the professional demand of the market that greatly values ​​the knowledge acquired in other companies and countries. This is the typical case of IT and engineering courses. The courses are more practical to meet the need of these corporations.

  1. Access

There are equivalency papers in the UK (widely used by Irish universities) that equate to Technologist degree to a full bachelor’s and teaching degrees in Brazil. Based on this interpretation, we can argue the possibility of entering the post courses, which together with a professional experience offers full chances of admission of the candidate.

We check on a case-by-case basis for you to successfully enter the admission process. Each case is unique as access to the course. Many students we talk have years of experience that can be considered in the admission process. In addition, if the postgraduate degree is not possible, there is still the possibility of entering the 3rd or 4th year of a degree, which also shortens the academic path.


As mentioned, we need to check three aspects of admission to Irish colleges. The subjects studied, the workload and professional experience. As these three factors work together, we can guide students to possibilities of courses in the desired area in Ireland and the UK.

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