3 advantages of studying in Germany

3 advantages of studying in Germany

Do you know someone who dreams of doing undergraduate or graduate studies abroad? Are you that kind of dreamer (or the dreamer)?

Germany is one of the countries with one of the most promising economic scenarios, with a high employability rate and little bureaucracy in immigration, it lives up to the fame that is so desired.

Now, let’s go to the 3 whys for you to embark on this!

1 – Why Germany?

Today, it is not possible to think of a static world in the midst of so much movement but to think in movement, we cannot remain where we are. I’m talking about opportunities that start out timid and uncertain, but that grow and become references. And why not, higher education in Germany?

2 – Visa for Brazilians

The German visa for Brazilians has a great advantage when compared to destinations like Canada, USA and the United Kingdom: there is no need for a prior visa, there is no need to go through bureaucracies at consulates and embassies. the whole process begins at the moment you arrive in the country. We explain:

Student visa

The student visa is the first step in this change. It is the document you use while doing your undergraduate or graduate studies. It allows you to work for up to 20h weekly.

Student visa with permission to work

Then, once you finish your studeies your obtain a permission to work for 18 months. This is the document you receive after completing your studies. The validity is 18 months, during which you can start/leverage your career.

Work visa

The next step is the work visa – between us, earning in euros is not bad. Right now, I imagine you’re wondering …

There are also universities that can return part of the tuition fee if you do not get the job after the course, as is the case with the PFH University of Applied Science

“And how do I get a work visa?” It’s simple!

To get this document, you need an employment contract. But you can relax, that this process is without bureaucracy. The validity period will vary according to the time provided for in the contract.

Residence Visa

Finally, the long-awaited residence visa, your next travel companion. This document can be issued after two years of a signed contract

For this, it is very essential that you learn about all the requirements, thus, the chances of any problem with your arrival are reduced! After all, no one deserves to spend more than 10 am on a plane to hear an irreducible “Sorry, you can’t pass”.

3 – Labor market

According to the OECD * (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Germany is the third country with the lowest unemployment rate (3.2%) and the average salary amounts to € 3900 per month for qualified professionals (we will agree that it is nothing bad). It is estimated that, by 2025, the demand for qualified workers will exceed the 8 million mark – and will continue to rise!

The work and study scheme is very attractive for those taking an academic course: you can work part-time (about 20 hours a week) during the school year. In addition, the hours worked are cumulative, that is, if in a given week you work 10 hours, the following week you can work for 30 hours if you have availability. This means that you will not lose hours of work unlike what happens in other countries in Europe.

“I have a partner, a partner, children … What now?” This is not a problem!

Your family has the possibility to go together, and still work full time.

A message for you to continue the day …

I was once told that if a dream doesn’t scare you, it’s because it’s not big enough. I believe that. Is that you?

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine too, it’s not a prerequisite to enter Berlin.

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* Data collected in January 2020

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