Ireland's international higher education alumni work in Ireland

62% of Ireland’s international higher education alumni work in Ireland.

Good news for anyone who decides to take an upper Ireland course and stay in the country. A survey carried out by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) points out that 62% of international graduates have been employed in different occupational fields in Ireland. In addition, 11% continue to study at higher levels after graduation.

That is, 73% of respondents are well on their way.

About 2860 international alumni of Irish higher education took part in the survey. Most of the participants (about 56% of the total) took a course related to administration and law.

Tthe he table below shows the main activity of the students after completing their respective courses. It is important to note that graduates come from honours degree, postgraduate taught and research programs. See the articles I wrote about undergraduate and graduate in Ireland.


If we consider the level of the course, it is possible to perceive the rate of employability increases the higher the level of the program. The most common course for Brazilian students is Taught Masters (MSc, MBA, MA, MBS, MEng) which suggests a 73% probability of employment. The figure below shows details of the division by levels.

Research considers employability generally. The numbers consider jobs in several countries. However, the survey shows that 62% of respondents are working Ireland. The average rises to 66% if we consider the graduates of a professional postgraduate (Higher Diploma, postgraduate diploma and Taught masters)

The research also pointed out that the area that employs the most is the financial industry (16% of the total) followed by information and communication (15%), education (15%), human science (14%) and scientific technical area


The question that does not hold up, how much does a recent graduate in Ireland earn? The average revolves around € 30000 per year.

The investment in a postgraduate degree in Ireland revolves around € 12,000 and as described above is an excellent investment. There are opportunities for those who want to come to Ireland in order to reside permanently in the country and education is the best gateway to that achievement. The survey also shows that the average annual salary of a professional with such qualifications is around € 33,000 per year. That is, in a year you can recover your investment with a big perspective of salary increase.

In addition, international (non-European) students get two years of temporary work visa in the country which is the stepping stone to the permanent residence visa.

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